How to make own b2b alibaba clone script with eagle Technosys

Summary:-In Today’s time internet is getting advance and e-commerce is growing day by day. Alibaba portals doing a major role in the online business and if you are new in alibaba clone script, you should know what alibaba clone script actually is.

Body: – In Today’s world everyone wants to pop up the business in high speed. Customer can buy all Kinds of Product in here. Everyone wants to spread their business in whole World Wide Web customers. Alibaba clone script is especially designed for suppliers, traders, wholesalers, manufacture, distributors, imports, exports and so on. It is very beautiful concept to start your own portal just like also provide you full satisfactory as per customer requirement at very low price.

Alibaba clone Overview: – It turn’s with the new idea for the business satisfactory. It also uses to earn money online by doing some simple yet effective online things. Alibaba clone script also provides a way to the customer to start his own business publically for all World Wide Web customers. It is developed in PHP and MySQL. On board each one can make declaration or announcement of their products. Our dealers can search any stock and services. If buyer can found anything interesting he or she can book the product or stock online

Features that attracts you:

  • Alibaba clone script gives you full control in classified section where our delar can post their ads and needs about the product and services


  • It also gives you different prices for different customers. There are multiple ways to structure this on an ecommerce site, including a discount for groups of customers, and quantity discounts for all customers or for groups of customers-or a combination of these methods


  • It also gives flexible checkout process. With this admin can match his own company’s unique rules for payment and shipping.


  • It also helps you to create his own retail e-commerce sites often allow customers to purchase without creating an account.


  • It comes with some type of search feature. But improving the quality of your site search can greatly help conversion. Sophisticated, third-party search tools can often pay for themselves quickly


Step By Step Instructions: – If anybody thinks this is interesting and helpful script and want to purchase it. There are very simple steps to purchase this script. There is no need to go portside or wonder here and there for purchasing this script.

  1. First open the internet and go to link or go to


  1. Any user can view all the available script or choose script as per your requirement.


  1. Anyone can check the live demo for his own satisfaction or relief


  1. At the bottom of page you will find contact number just call at the given number. Now book your script on phone.


  1. The ordered script will be delivered shortly at the mention address.


  1. Online payments are available. So there is no need to worry about the payment process.

 After you purchase your script: – after getting the successfully delivery of the script, it is very easy to install and access. No programming required while using this script.

  1. First of all install this script on your PC or Laptop.
  2. This script is mobile compatible. So if you don’t have PC or Laptop installs it on your Android cell phone.


  1. Registered your-self. You will get user id and password.
  2. By using appropriate user id and password fill all the required details in your account.


  1. Now use this amazing script to start your own B2B Business portal. Now all the authorities are in your hand. Any record will be deleted by you. All records will manage or controlled by you.

All You Need To Know About Alibaba Clone Script.

Summary: – Alibaba clone script is the finest clone and powerful script which is available online. Product catalog, internal messaging system, various membership levels, Powerful Member control panel, ad management system, banner, text and affiliate ads, Google ad words

Customizable graphics, sell/buy offer management, usage statistics, Email verification, image gallery, free support and upgrade, hacking protection.

Let’s talk what we can do with alibaba clone script: – Hello everyone if you are planning to start your own online website then our script is the best choice for you. This script helps you to run your own profitable online marketing website within a few hours. We also give you assurance that this script can change your online marketing business. It is a ready-made business script and it is very easy for customers to use. Its search engine is very user friendly and easily manageable. It is also provide you 365*24*7 dedicated and full customer support for installation. This script is available for all World Wide Web customers. It also helps you to stand your own business brand. Anyone can use this script by checking the live demo of our company’s main website. It is very easy to customize

Alibaba clone script provide you online product catalog and business directory, full discussion forum. It also helps the customer to create sell and buy offers. With this script seller can create online catalog or post items for special offers for clearing stocks or giving the discount on sales and buyers can easily find product through search engine. It also helps you to generate lifetime streams of sales leads. It also gives you enhanced exposure for gold member listing. It also helps the user to post “wanted ads”. E.g. a buyer looking for a specific machine part. Sellers can make their offers. This way, buyer gets best prices.

Amazing features of alibaba clone script:-

  1. Multiple Item types
  2. Products ,sell offers, Buy offers, company profiles and B2b script creates complete website for you
  3. Elegant and user friendly
  4. Elegant design with per-integrated themes.Layout is such that
  5. It is very easy for new users and adapt
  6. Photos,Maps,YouTube and social
  7. Google Maps & you tube support. Also inbuilt social bookmarking system. Photos gallery and videos gallery with every product
  8. Power packed admin panel
  9. An admin have 100% control over website content through powerful and complete admin panel
  10. Unlimited, multilevel categories with SEO
  11. Email verification & CAPTCHA

Company info: – Eagle Technosys is a software development. It has launched so many software such as Multi vendor market place script, courier tracking software, real estate script and now come with container booking script. Alibaba clone script is the best script. It helps the customer to start his own online marketing business. It also provides you 365*24*7 customer support. This script is available for all World Wide Web customers. Any user can use this script by checking the live demo from our company’s main website. It also provides you a free server

The Trending Stuff about Alibaba Clone Script.

Summary: – B2b alibaba clone script is the finest clone and powerful classified script available online. Product catalog, internal messaging system, various membership levels, Powerful Member control panel, ad management system, banner, text and affiliate ads, Google ad words

Customizable graphics, sell/buy offer management, usage statistics, Email verification, image gallery, free support and upgrade, hacking protection.

Do you know what alibaba clone script is really mean: – To start your own online trading portal just like anyone can use alibaba clone script? Alibaba clone script is developed in PHP and MSQL database. Alibaba clone is complete readymade business. It is very easy to use and user-friendly. Alibaba clone script search engine is friendly and easily manageable for site administration. Alibaba clone script back-end administrator panel and can stored tons of data.

Alibaba clone script is a best solution to launch your own global trading site. Alibaba clone script is packed with high end feature. It is also provide you a sound foundation to your trading portal site. Alibaba clone script offers you a great earning potential. Alibaba clone script also helps you to customize the colors and graphics of the site make the script very special.B2B alibaba clone script also helps you to launch your own top quality trading portal.

Features of B2B alibaba clone script:-

  • Multilevel categories: – In this section admin can create unlimited number of categories/subcategories.etc which can run any number of levels deep. It also helps in organization of the listing in a very well structured manner.


  • Product catalog: – In this section admin can post their products from adding products. When they post the products they will get the product catalog where visitors can see all their products.
  • Sub-domain micro website: – In this section a user will get the company profile with a unique sub domain as per his own requirements.


  • Sell & Buy Trade leads: – In this section traders can post or special offers. Many traders use it for clearing stocks or to list any items that they want to sell
  • Four membership type:- In this section alibaba clone script provide you a four membership levels like free, gold, silver and diamond
  • Featured product list: – In this section paid members has the facility of featured products which will show on the home page and inner pages. Admin can manage your members from your admin panel
  • Company profiles:- In this section every member will get a company micro website just like his own domain and they can manage it from his my account
  • Complete classified section:- An admin can get complete classified section and let the user post about their stuffs online, Its free and it’s amazing
  • Logo uploading:- In this section user can upload their logo along with their company details
  • Advance ad management:– In this section customer can make money online by placing the advertisement on your website , we have really a advance ad management option where customer can place an ad not only on the home page but also on the each and every category also. Customer can set the price according to category and make huge money online.

For purchasing alibaba clone script and other b2b/b2c clone script, one can visit the website: –

Check the live demo to Know how to use this script: –

About eagle technosys:-Eagle Technosys is an Indian web development company which provides their services in all over the world such as web designing, website development and internet marketing. Users and clients can save their type and money by adopting very fast services of our company


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Latest B2b Portal Ready-Made Open Source Script 2017

 What is b2b marketplace script about?

Readymade B2B offers php base marketplace script which is a very powerful solution to launch your own business to business. B2B marketplace script is a professional solution to launch your own global Trading site. It is not easy to develop website like alibaba , we took almost 6 months time to develop, Now we provide you in just 2 hours delivery our read made open source script. We’ve developed our PHP b2b marketplace script for the do-it yourself webmasters, incorporating the greatest features to make running your b2b marketplace and your life a lot easier while freeing you to do the things that require manual labor.

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Some B2B Marketplace Script Main features:-

  1. Easy-to-setup and Manage
  2. Franchise Module
  3. Hot Listing
  4. Search management
  5. Payment Gateway integration
  6. SMS Integration
  7. Google Map Integration
  8. B2b Scripts Ad
  9. Import and Export