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How to use B2C retail Sales with Aibaba clone Script

Info about B2c:- The business-to-customer or B2C sales cycle has always been viewed by industry experts as something of a mystery. In fact, a search on or a stroll through the local bookstore will reveal volumes of material written about the process that consumers undergo before making a purchase.

What are the needs of B2C Retail Sales?

All consumers have needs, and all businesses cater to needs—whether it’s B2B or B2C. The needs-based sales cycle suggests that B2C retail sales begin with an issue the consumer needs to have addressed and then identifies a product that satisfies that need. From there, the five stages of the buyer decision process suggest that the consumer will research the product to make sure it will deliver. This stage involves reading reviews and gathering ‘social proof’ that purchasing that specific product is a ‘smart’ move. Once the consumer has gained confidence in the product, alternatives may be evaluated as reassurance that there isn’t a better alternative. In the fourth stage—once the evaluation process has been completed—the purchase decision is made. The final stage is known as ‘post-purchase behavior’, which includes possible regret or entertaining thoughts that an alternative might have been the better option.

 How B2C Model Work?

A consumer goes to the website, selects a catalog, orders the catalog and an email is sent to business organization. After receiving the order, goods would be dispatched to the customer.

Selling Process of B2C in Marketing: – The selling process for B2C customers is typically less labor-intensive. Like B2B customers, they may require carefully pitched marketing in the run up to a buying decision, but once the conversion process begins; their needs remain relatively straightforward and predictable.

In these instances, pre-packaged shopping carts can work. Feeling safe, secure and informed throughout the process is essential. Clear direction throughout a buying journey is also important.

How Does This Affect on Ecommerce Business:-

B2C E-Commerce sites need to look the part. With so much competition in E-Commerce marketplaces like food and fashion, there’s no space for wallflowers. To get noticed and to keep bringing in fresh customers, B2C E-Commerce websites must stand out from the E-Commerce crowd, offer something no one else does – and shout about it with lots of interaction via social networks, PPC campaigns and alternative online marketing channels.

B2C means lots and lots of visitors, a fairly steep bounce rate and (typically) lower value conversions. To play the numbers properly, B2C E-Commerce sites need to bring in as much good quality traffic as possible and do everything in their power to push visitors towards a conversion.

Complete Guide on B2C marketplace by Alibaba clone Script

What is a B2C Business?

Business to consumer, or B2C, marketing is a common term company’s use when referring to the type of business they operate. B2C companies focus on selling to individuals and market their products for personal use. They also offer packaging options that are appropriate for individual consumption.

While many companies sell to both businesses and consumers, the focus of selling to consumers alone is drastically different than selling to other companies. Let’s look at grocery stores, for instance. You probably go to the grocery store to stock up on food and items for your house. These stores package food in small containers that are appropriate to take home. Promotions and sales are targeted to you, the individual consumer.

For example: – your local grocery store may offer a small price discount or free product when several other similar items are purchased. They are acting like a B2C company.

But let’s say you’re not just an individual consumer looking to cook dinner for your family. Let’s say you own your own business, a restaurant, and you want to purchase food. Going to the grocery store and purchasing four or five small cans of corn will not go very far to feed your restaurant full of hungry customers. It wouldn’t make sense to purchase all of your food at a regular grocery store because they don’t have the bulk quantities you need to stock your restaurant. There are stores that focus on business to business sales and offer food in large quantities, a more appropriate option for purchasing food for your restaurant.

How does B2C Marketing Work?

When a business is focused on B2C marketing, they must keep their customer in mind. They need to know the needs, wants, problems, and challenges of their consumers. When they understand their customer, they can create the marketing messages that answer their customers’ needs.

Returning to the example of the grocery store, the company sends out weekly ads that highlight the sales and discounts offered to customers. There may be rebates or refunds available that are explained to consumers. Some grocery stores even place ads on their receipts and shopping carts. These are all efforts to market their business to individual consumers.

Strategies that helpful in B2C Business

When creating a B2C marketing plan, companies must understand the difference in marketing to consumers rather than to businesses. Consumers usually buy in a short period of time. While a business may take weeks or months to make a buying decision, consumers may buy on the spot. Consumers need to weigh their options. While price is one factor in purchasing products, consumers also rely on emotions such as excitement, joy, fulfillment, and ego.

Future about B2C:- The future of B2C appears to be bright. This type of commerce may still only be in its infancy and likely to grow simply because it is a convenient form of purchasing and also because looming storm clouds on the energy horizon may soon cause a quick trip to the store cost consumers a tidy sum. Leaves in the wind, suggesting the trend, are provided by the recent history of electronic retailing, more than half of all B2C.

Why use Technology for your courier business

Info About courier: – Couriers who transport such items as medical specimens face special challenges. Organizations such as clinical laboratories, blood banks, biomedical services, hospitals, pharmaceutical services, and tissue banks depend upon couriers to transport medical specimens safely and track time critical delivery. Because of today’s mobile technology, clients can track individual packages in real time and validate deliveries, especially critical in life or death scenarios.
For companies offering time critical services, the ability to access information and packages quickly can result in time and labor savings and improve customer satisfaction. For some clients, efficient time critical service is truly a matter of life and death.

In addition to changes in devices used by drivers, highly sophisticated warehouse management solutions can have a tremendous impact on the business, allowing for reduced warehouse space due to increased efficiency, less labor, carrier freight savings and improved overall service.

Some Benefits of using current technology for courier tracking business:-

  1. Delivery confirmation signatures can be captured, stored, transmitted and reported electronically.
  2. Using handheld devices saves time and reduces labor costs
  3. Electronic information can be stored in formats that can be readily searched and reported, saving on labor and clerical costs.
  4. Using software and handheld devices increases accuracy, reducing the incidence of costly, time consuming errors.
  5. Employing technological solutions allows for real time tracking of information.
  6. Use of electronic data makes information easy to reconcile, track and implement in producing reports
  7. Removing the paper trail reduces paper waste, saving trees and other resources.

Technology currently available for your courier business:-

  1. Bar-code scanners create business efficiency by recording information about packages, enabling them to be tracked throughout the warehouse and delivery processes. This ability to track packages is essential to meeting expectations and regulations.
  2. Warehouse management software solutions help to organize the storage, retrieval and processing of packages and inventory, as well as to produce useful, critical reports and provide visibility for customers and employees.
  3. Transportation management software solutions produce effective information tracking of drivers, deliveries, routes and other critical information.
  4. Radio frequency (RF) facilitates the use of handheld devices in warehouses, allowing for the transmission of information from point to point, reducing labor expense.
  5. Handheld computers capture signatures electronically, allowing the data to be transmitted, stored, tracked and reported for a variety of functional uses.
  6. Global positioning systems (GPS) technology is essential in tracking packages, deliveries and drivers throughout the logistics and delivery processes.

Courier Tracking Software Your Way to Success

Courier software is typically used by companies that deliver packages by drivers or messengers.

Courier companies need a program to track customers that request a delivery, details about the package, and who will be delivering the package to the recipient. The central person responsible for a smooth transaction is the operations manager or dispatcher. In the ‘old days’, this was done on a chalk board or white board. Now shipments show up on a single screen, making it easier to follow up on the deliveries.

Each shipment typically is assigned a waybill number. Often multiple waybills (packages) are consolidated and shipped by a common carrier (truck, airline, ocean vessel). These waybills travel under one Master Waybill Number. A delivery agent is responsible for breaking apart the consolidation and getting each packages delivered. The software program should simplify the consolidation of these shipments.

Modern courier software allows customers to place and track orders from the Courier’s web site. ‘Track and trace’ is the term for getting status information on a delivery. The proof of delivery (POD) is sent in the main office by the messenger, driver, or delivery agent either by phone, fax, or electronically.

Driver Tools:-

Messengers and drivers need to communicate with the main office dispatcher. This used to be done by two-way radio or cell phone. Today there are several options available to courier companies which allow drivers to access the main office data via Smartphone browser, or phone applications.

Companies also provide a rich tool-set bringing together on-demand, routed distribution and warehousing in one end-to-end solution. Many powerful, comprehensive, fully customizable, user-friendly, courier management software custom designed for the courier, messenger, logistics, distribution, and warehousing industries are available in the market.



Features of Courier Software:-

  • Android app
  • Barcode Supporter
  • Online Tracking
  • Reports
  • Complete Website
  • Unlimited Type
  • SMS and Email Alert
  • Mobile Compatibility


Tracking your parcel:-

The delivery of your package is fully tracked. Once it has been collected, it is going to be taken to a local depot and a sortation hub, where it finds its way to the recipient’s address. This process is done a couple of times until your parcel is assigned to the specific driver for the final delivery.

Almost every stage of distribution chain is a 24-hour operation, consisting of a constant inflow and outflow of packages. As a result, each of them is prone to damage or loss. That’s why it’s important to protect your items properly and track them throughout their journey. If you think that something might have gone wrong with the delivery

The ultimate Advice we’ve ever heard about pro same day delivery script

Applying the very latest technology to courier services, courier has harnessed the power of artificial intelligence and satellite based tracking to revolutionize the same day delivery service

We delivery, and instant auditing capabilities which power the fastest, most efficient, secure, and supremely transparent same day delivery service available. Offer second-by-second tracking, precise point to point pricing, real-time proof of pickup and

Local, National & International Same day Courier Service:-

Same day local, regional and national courier service by motorcycle, small or large van. Same day international delivery is available by special arrangement. When you book a same day courier service with courier you have the added peace of mind of knowing that you get speed, security, reliability and efficiency. We recognize that when you book a same day courier service it is vital that you receive you receive the same day service you expect: with courier there is no more calling to listen to tired excuses you’ve heard from traditional courier companies. At e Courier, we manage things differently.

High-Tech Courier Service

When you book a courier, our patented algorithms instantly dispatch your same day courier job to the most appropriate courier based on dozens of variables, including time to pickup, vehicle type, as well as current temporal, weather, and traffic conditions. Our system allows us to keep more couriers on the street doing more jobs, ensuring that we’re always minutes away from collection. Courier is the fastest option for getting your same day courier deliveries where they need to be.

When you choose courier same day courier service you have the added reassurance of being able to track your delivery at each stage of the process whatever time of day or night, using our real-time Java-based Interactive tracking system.

Features of Same Day Delivery Service:-

  • Quotation
  • Online Booking
  • Payment Gateway
  • Carries Integrated
  • Online Tracking
  • Reports
  • Price Management
  • Delivery Management
  • Barcode Supported
  • Mobile Compatible
  • SMS and Email Alert
  • User Friendly

SAME DAY SERVICE offers a unique courier services to courier anything worldwide from India. Apart from delivering regular documents, Parcel, & COMMERCIAL SHIPMENT TO WORLD WIDE. We are the only international courier company specialized in India delivering Food Items to USA, UK, EUROPE, UAE & ALMOST Worldwide. We carry all types of food items which includes of Pickles, Sweets, Savories, Groceries, and Condiments & Etc. We offer one of the most committed and strong express delivery system to the country. We are known to be the fastest courier providing door to door delivery between India, UK and USA, EUROPE, DUBAI. SAME DAY SERVICE provides both Importing and exporting packages to worldwide destinations. Our network has its presence globally & Operations Hub in all the major metropolitan estimations.

We also work with well renowned companies such as DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT, and ARAMEX and provide you discount due to our high volume, so you get the same services at a lower price.

The best ways to utilize yellow pages classified script

Yellow Pages Classified Script is a powerful PHP Script that can be used to build yellow pages portal script. As a website manager you can manage unlimited number of locations, categories, business listing; setup fields for your business listing; manage reviews from your website visitors; can easily power a local city guide, local yellow pages website using our software. Get the most full- featured yellow pages script available. Our deep-rooted commitment to our customers defines how we provide our service, and our many working expert associate they provide you uninterrupted service against your valuable order. We specialized our experts around your domain as per your business requirements and service. We understand your business as much as we understand your requirements and offer you specific solutions by considering your larger business picture.

We practice listening day in and day out. Yes, you heard us right. We intently listen to your needs. Listening, we believe, is the best way to comprehension which in turn leads to better returns. Our approach makes us stand out: we don’t have stock answers or solutions to your requirements. Our answers and solutions are based on the contextual requirements and specification of your business. When we listen to your business, your business starts talking.


Features of Yellow Pages Classified Script:-  

  1. Unlimited Nested Structure: – Create as many locations, categories, and listings as you need. Technically there is no limit at all.
  2. Revenue potential: – There are many ways to monetize your website including advanced banner system, easy Ad Sense placement, sponsored listings submissions, and account paid memberships. Start earning now!
  3. Business listing Reviews: – Start using our software as a business reviews website. We provide advanced reviews functionality that can be configured according to your needs. You can setup different review criteria.
  4. Custom Fields: – Change the default set of fields for your listings & categories. Turn your business listings into bars, clubs, whatever that fits your website idea. Your imagination is the only stop for you.
  5. Advance search and filtering: – Being super-charged with a powerful search system it delivers the most relevant results by any listing field. Visitors can browse business listings by locations, category, type, calendar, and many other ways.
  6. User Access Levels: – Yellow pages script inherits the CMS core features including advanced permissions system. As a website manager you can configure different access levels for any user or user group.

Earn with this package:-

Yellow pages classified script   provides you many ways to monetize your website. We all understand that the one of the major goals of your website is the profits and our team is here to help you with that goal. There are several ways to monetize your website including advanced banner system, easy Ad Sense placement, sponsored listings submissions, and account paid memberships. You only need to configure your payment gateways and sponsored plans.