How to make own b2b alibaba clone script with eagle Technosys

Summary:-In Today’s time internet is getting advance and e-commerce is growing day by day. Alibaba portals doing a major role in the online business and if you are new in alibaba clone script, you should know what alibaba clone script actually is.

Body: – In Today’s world everyone wants to pop up the business in high speed. Customer can buy all Kinds of Product in here. Everyone wants to spread their business in whole World Wide Web customers. Alibaba clone script is especially designed for suppliers, traders, wholesalers, manufacture, distributors, imports, exports and so on. It is very beautiful concept to start your own portal just like also provide you full satisfactory as per customer requirement at very low price.

Alibaba clone Overview: – It turn’s with the new idea for the business satisfactory. It also uses to earn money online by doing some simple yet effective online things. Alibaba clone script also provides a way to the customer to start his own business publically for all World Wide Web customers. It is developed in PHP and MySQL. On board each one can make declaration or announcement of their products. Our dealers can search any stock and services. If buyer can found anything interesting he or she can book the product or stock online

Features that attracts you:

  • Alibaba clone script gives you full control in classified section where our delar can post their ads and needs about the product and services


  • It also gives you different prices for different customers. There are multiple ways to structure this on an ecommerce site, including a discount for groups of customers, and quantity discounts for all customers or for groups of customers-or a combination of these methods


  • It also gives flexible checkout process. With this admin can match his own company’s unique rules for payment and shipping.


  • It also helps you to create his own retail e-commerce sites often allow customers to purchase without creating an account.


  • It comes with some type of search feature. But improving the quality of your site search can greatly help conversion. Sophisticated, third-party search tools can often pay for themselves quickly


Step By Step Instructions: – If anybody thinks this is interesting and helpful script and want to purchase it. There are very simple steps to purchase this script. There is no need to go portside or wonder here and there for purchasing this script.

  1. First open the internet and go to link or go to


  1. Any user can view all the available script or choose script as per your requirement.


  1. Anyone can check the live demo for his own satisfaction or relief


  1. At the bottom of page you will find contact number just call at the given number. Now book your script on phone.


  1. The ordered script will be delivered shortly at the mention address.


  1. Online payments are available. So there is no need to worry about the payment process.

 After you purchase your script: – after getting the successfully delivery of the script, it is very easy to install and access. No programming required while using this script.

  1. First of all install this script on your PC or Laptop.
  2. This script is mobile compatible. So if you don’t have PC or Laptop installs it on your Android cell phone.


  1. Registered your-self. You will get user id and password.
  2. By using appropriate user id and password fill all the required details in your account.


  1. Now use this amazing script to start your own B2B Business portal. Now all the authorities are in your hand. Any record will be deleted by you. All records will manage or controlled by you.

Author: akshay sharma

Akshay Sharma is 25 young blogger and article with strong passion. he usually hanga out in google+ sharing links regularly. if use digg activety he can be great friend there and don't forget add to stumbleupon tool if you have any questions feel free to write and add him to gtalk - it is beautiful way to get contacted directly.

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