The Ultimate Revelation of Eagle’s AliExpress Clone Script

Summary: In this time world is getting advance day by day. In this world aliexpress clone script is one of the best scripts. With this script as a vendor customer can start his own online business. Customer can also do a banner advertisement in his own website.

Requirement of internet in today’s latest advance world: – In today’s advance world internet is the most important technology in whole world. With the help of internet we can share any information from one person to another. With the help of internet customer can buy and sell anything in online market.

Did you find anything what aliexpress clone script is: – Ali Express clone script is one of the best scripts to create an online multivendor market place website? It is quick easy to install. Aliexpress clone script brings the different ideas for buyers paying directly to the sellers and sellers directly shipping the product. In this portal admin serves as a middle man providing for the need of a marketplace for both the buyer and the seller. We have lot of front end and admin panel features coming to you with this script. Our customer support provides you a 365*24*7 customer support. Any customer can use this script by watching the live demo from our company’s main website.

Ali Express provides you three types of different features:-            

  • Core Idea
  • Frontend
  • Admin Panel

Aliexpress provide you a different core Ideas:-

  • Admin commission
  • Store Membership subscription
  • Store pay yearly membership fee
  • Unlimited vendors
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Security on guard
  • Custom attributes
  • SEO centered system

If you want to see aliexpress clone demo click this link:

There are some Frontend features provided by aliexpress clone script:-

  • Inquire about multiple products
  • Extensive members control panel
  • Contact us from for getting feedback from visitors
  • Fully Responsive site
  • Email verification ( can be switched on/off from admin panel)

Aliexpress provide you an admin panel features:-

  • Categories status available for catalog items, profiles and new signup
  • Add/edit/ remove categories
  • Switch on-off Email verification process
  • Configure all outgoing emails
  • Image thumbnail
  • Extensive member console
  • View/Edit/Delete members
  • Search members
  • Manage currencies
  • Bad Word filter
  • Search/edit/approve products in catalog

 Ali express clone script also provides you some main features:-

  • In Website statistics aliexpress script includes a built-in web state counter which keeps a track of daily and overall member.
  • In payment Gateway Customer can start collecting payments for new membership immediately. Currently we are supporting pay-pal but will eventually include several other gateways
  • In Updates and support option we are providing six month support and upgrades for the script
  • In security features customer can tighten up your security by restricting access to your website back office by user role
  • In advertising support aliexpress clone script provides you a several advertising spots which allow you to easily make extra income from your site. It’s good for Google adsense or affiliate banners. Just past in your url with start and end date
  • In custom Emails & alerts it provide you a customizable forms like user registration email template so a user can decide exactly what messaging you’d like to send out to new user or when a inquiry come on your website.

For purchasing “aliexpress clone script” one can visit the website:

About company: – Eagle Technosys is an Indian website development company. It also helps you to specialize in small and medium enterprises to the internet. We don’t have to waste time and resources trying to target our services to millions of different people. Instead we have only one mission: to design and deliver an internet presence powerful for small and medium companies looking to establish website.


Author: akshay sharma

Akshay Sharma is 25 young blogger and article with strong passion. he usually hanga out in google+ sharing links regularly. if use digg activety he can be great friend there and don't forget add to stumbleupon tool if you have any questions feel free to write and add him to gtalk - it is beautiful way to get contacted directly.

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